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Divorce Solicitor in London

Divorce raises a lot of questions. By its very nature it’s not something many people go through more than once and as such aren’t likely to be expert in the process.

This is where the help of an experienced divorce solicitor in London comes in. They can answer the questions a separating spouse may have, such as:

  • how long does it take to get a divorce
  • what’s the cost
  • how long do I need to be separated from my partner for
  • how do we arrange a financial settlement
  • how do we sort out custody
  • will I lose my home
  • can I stay on the UK if my visa is dependent on my ex-spouse?

Here at Saracens Solicitors, our experienced family law team knows how difficult it can be to go through divorce and how there are many questions raised for those going through it. It’s hard enough for those without children or shared assets: for couples who have been together a long time and have kids to consider, it’s an even more delicate process.

And although our divorce solicitor in London is based in the UK capital, we work with clients across the country, including non-UK nationals who have settled here.

One way our divorce solicitor in London aims to help families through difficulties is by using the Resolution code of conduct. All our family lawyers are signed up to this code that seeks to find a no-blame way through divorce, taking all affected parties into account. This may include grandparents if they have been involved in taking care of the couple’s children.

The Resolution code is endorsed by the Law Society and is recommended good practice for all family lawyers. It works by getting the couple and any other caregivers together to talk about how to best take care of the children and resolve any other areas of dispute. All sides are listened to and no sides are taken. The divorce solicitor in London helps the family steer a course through their difficulties and to find a solution that they can all sign up to, one that prioritises the children’s needs. It can help if the ex-spouses aren’t able to reach a childcare or financial agreement by themselves.

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