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Grounds for divorce – which is right for you?

Divorce Solicitor in London

Although there are almost limitless reasons why couples choose to separate, they can usually be categorised under one of the five grounds for divorce. In order to start legal separation proceedings, you need to decide which grounds apply to your situation. The one you chose can have a significant impact on the length and complexity of your divorce. That’s why you need to involve a divorce solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, as soon as you decide to go ahead.


This is where sexual intercourse has taken place between one of the parties and someone from outside the marriage. This only applies to opposite-sex couples at present. The complication, in this case, is that there must be sufficient evidence to prove the adultery or the offending party needs to be willing to admit to it.

Unreasonable behaviour

This can cover emotional and physical abuse as well as adultery between same-sex partners. It can also relate to destructive behaviours due to addiction or withdrawal of affection. Again, the burden of proof is on the petitioner and the offender may not be willing to admit to their behaviour. In these situations, Saracens Solicitors can examine your evidence and let you know if you have a strong enough case to proceed when we act as your divorce solicitor in London. If you do not, it may be easier to separate from your partner and then wait for one of the other grounds described below to apply.


This is where one party leaves without reason or explanation for a period of two years or more. They can attempt reconciliation during this time and still apply on the grounds of desertion as long as they do not cohabit for more than six months.

Separation – 2 years

If both parties agree to separate and live apart for more than 2 years, this can be the simplest way to apply for divorce. As your divorce solicitor in London, Saracens Solicitors is committed to ensuring you find the easiest possible route through this difficult time.

Separation – 5 years

If one party does not consent to divorce but they live apart from their husband or wife for more than 5 years, their ex can apply for divorce.

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