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Father’s rights often need to be enshrined in legal agreements for the sake of clarity. At Saracens Solicitors, we can help you craft agreements around your children when you choose us as your divorce solicitor in London.

Talking about your rights as a father does not need to be the result of any animosity or difficulty. It simply means that you want a clear idea of the situation when it comes to seeing your children, providing for them and taking part in their lives.

What is parental responsibility?

Parental responsibility is a legal term that denotes a person’s rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority when it comes to a child. Anyone who has parental responsibility is involved in important decisions about the child and the child’s property. This might include where the child lives, decisions about medical treatment, how a child is educated, what religion they are brought up to follow and giving consent for them to leave the country.

Do you have it?

Mothers automatically have parental responsibility. Fathers usually have it if their name is on the child’s birth certificate and/or he is married to their mother. If the parents are not married, the father can gain parental responsibility by either being on the birth certificate (as long as this was after 1st December 2003), making a parental responsibility agreement with the mother or obtaining a court order of parental responsibility.

If you registered the birth of your child before 1st December 2003, you may not have automatic parental responsibility and things are more complicated.

If you are not sure whether you have it, Saracens Solicitors will be happy to investigate your circumstances to determine whether you do, when acting as your divorce solicitor in London.

Can you get it?

At Saracens Solicitors, we have specialists in father’s rights who can act on your behalf to seek parental responsibility and other agreements relating to your children such as visitation rights and financial agreements. When you engage us as you divorce solicitor in London, we aim to reach an equitable agreement that benefits all involved. The welfare and happiness of children in a divorce setting is our priority at all times. We are members of Resolution, which is a family law group committed to conflict-free divorce whenever possible.

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