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Father seeks contact

Divorce Solicitor in London

As a divorced father, your rights to see and make choices for your kids may have been restricted or hindered. It’s an awful price to pay when your relationship has come to an end and, no matter who did what to whom bringing the marriage to an end, it doesn’t mean your children have to suffer from the lack of you in the process. Seeking legal support and advice from a divorce solicitor in London is often the best way to go when looking to rectify difficulties with your ex-spouse, especially when children are involved.

Making sure you have your rights in law

If you are lucky enough to have had an amicable divorce from your partner, you will no doubt be able to negotiate residence and/or visitation arrangements. If, however, this has not been the case you may need to have residence and visitation right agreed by law. If this is the case, our specialist father’s rights lawyers can advise and support you in understanding your rights.

Getting to see your little ones

When any relationship breaks down, there can be a period when it’s difficult to talk to and make agreements with your ex-partner, especially when it comes to contact with your children. Our team of divorce solicitors in London works carefully to bring about amicable solutions that honour the best interests of your children, whilst also securing your rights. We work in a non-confrontational way, bringing about agreements in as peaceable manor as possible. We actively follow codes of practice that have been developed to respect both parties and follow law. We can help you achieve your desired outcome, whilst also safeguarding the process from becoming hostile.

When divorce ends the relationship with your spouse, there is no reason that the relationship with your children need suffer. Although a time of restructure will follow, as your divorce solicitors in London, we can make sure your rights are heard and considered as your children’s new life emerges.

With Saracens Solicitors, divorce can be made more easeful and better informed, supporting you on your new journey as a single father.


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