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Domestic violence is never tolerated by a divorce solicitor

Divorce Solicitor in London

Having seen many cases before throughout the times we have acted as divorce solicitors in London, we know that the most important thing that you want to sort out, once you make the first steps in leaving an abusive partner, is ensuring that you are safe.

We operate on a ‘no tolerance’ view when it comes to abuse and will do everything in our power to make sure you and your family are legally protected from harm. We applaud any person who  bravely says ‘enough is enough’ and walks away to seek help from professionals in the community.

Through our experience we have seen many cases and therefore have the compassion, experience and know-how to provide quick, reliable and compassionate relief for those who are trying to move on with their lives.

A divorce solicitor in London is able to take the time to listen to their client. We do not seek quick fix cases that bump up our ratings, We are interested in real life scenarios and dealing with the real situations that occur in our community, It is our duty to understand what we can do for the people in this society and to use our skills for their benefit. We make sure that you are understood, feel heard and above all, feel safe.

Furthermore, if you have children living in the same house as you then we understand that it becomes even more important for you, and the safety and well-being of your children, to ensure that the violence, or threats of violence, stops. Ringing the police is the first action that many people take and rightly so. They are able to stop offenders from doing harm efficiently and effectively.

However the majority of the time, they can only provide a temporary measure of relief for sufferers of abuse unless the violence becomes more serious. We want you to understand that abuse does not need to be physical in order for you to be able to obtain legal protection.

If you are verbally harassed even over the phone, then we, as divorce solicitors in London, can still provide you with a measure of protection that will ensure the legal safety of you and your children. In order for you to be able to receive this protection and protection that lasts, you will need to obtain an injunction against the person who is responsible for the abuse.

What is an injunction?

An injunction is essentially a legally binding order that prevents a person from coming into contact with you. There are two different types that are used for different circumstances. By talking with a solicitor about your personal situation, we are able to discuss with you your options and recommend the right path to take.

These two different injunctions are a ‘non-molestation order’ and an ‘occupation order’. We implore you to contact us with any questions you have regarding your rights and what we can do to help you, should you be suffering from any degree of abuse. You can talk to us confidentially and we are well trained in helping you to take the right steps to ensure your children’s and your own safety. Rest assured you are in safe hands with us.

A non-molestation order is an injunction that protects you from violence, threats of violence and harassment. If you are considering obtaining one of these injunctions then we understand the emergency of the situation.

We work quickly to protect you from harm and can speak on your behalf during court proceedings. By making it as easy as possible for you to quietly and quickly get the ball rolling, we are able to support you in every way possible in making a change for the better in your life.

A non-molestation order applies to people who are married or were once married; relatives or people who were living in the same house as one another at some stage. You can also have agreed to marry the person at a later date, or they may have a biological relationship to a child in your care.

The injunction can be initiated without needing to inform the offender so that there is no need for unnecessary provocation. We do all of the administrative work and attend the court proceedings on your behalf so that you can focus on maintaining a sense of normality in your life.

If the offender breaches the conditions of the contract, then they are liable to be arrested.

An occupation order is slightly different where it specifies that a person can not enter the family home or a designated area around it. This can protect a person and their children from physical and verbal abuse, threats and harassment.

You are able to specify an area around your home where you would like to ensure the offender is not allowed to be legally, such as a local playground near your house or the street where you live. This will allow you to begin to establish a sense of safety, knowing that should the person breach these conditions, they are liable to be arrested.

Again, we understand the severity of these situations and the necessity to act quickly and correctly to ensure that there are no delays or reasons for the injunction to be rejected. The offender does not need to be advised that you are going through with proceedings, they will only be notified once the court order has gone through.

One of these orders is usually granted when it can be presented to the court that there is a significant risk of abuse to either you or your children should the offender be able to remain in the home. We take these matters seriously and wish for you to feel able to express your concerns and questions in an understanding and open environment.

It is our utmost priority to ensure your safety should you approach us with concerns of domestic violence. We take all threats on your safety or the well-being of your children very seriously and will do our utmost to provide you with quick and effective results that you can depend on.

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