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How divorce works for fathers

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Going through a divorce can be a bitter experience for many couples and things can get more awkward when it comes to custody. While custody can only be validated by a court, most of the times the responsibility for the care of a child and their residence is granted to the mother. In this case, the father is granted contact rights and has to contribute to the children’s living costs.

In recent years, divorced fathers are looking into ways to spend more time with their children, but are not always aware of the law. If you are about to get divorced and you want to know more about your rights as a father, then give Saracen Solicitors, your divorce solicitor in London, a call today.

What is custody and how is it determined?

What is known as custody in legal terms refers to the residency of a child after the divorce has taken place. Shared or joint custody is gradually becoming a common practice and many organisations are promoting this arrangement in the UK.

Shared custody allows children to spend the same amount of time between parents and parents to spend an equal amount of time with their children and have equal involvement in their lives.

The 2013 Children and Family Bill dictates that divorced fathers with joint custody rights can see their children frequently without the need for complex arrangements and share financial or other responsibilities.

Your rights as a divorced father

If you do not have shared custody of your children with your ex-wife, then you may not be aware of your rights as a divorced father. If you are in doubt about contact rights or think that your ex-wife is trying to alienate your children, consulting your divorce solicitor in London is the first step.

Your parental status grants you the right to be involved in any major decision that may impact the life of your children. The same applies to medical or financial matters, where the decisions of both parents are equally important.

Get involved

If you require help or assistance with your child custody rights, contact your London divorce solicitor today.

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