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Divorce Solicitor in London

Deciding to get divorced is rarely a simple process. It is usually the end of an emotionally fraught and difficult time for everyone involved. At the end of all this, it is really helpful to have a divorce solicitor in London that understands how important it is to make the paperwork and legal process simple so that you have the energy and security that you need to support yourself and your meet the needs of any children that you have.

The steps involved in divorce can be more or less complex depending on the assets and family issues involved. We will help you focus on the overall goals you want to achieve such as, for example, being able to remain in the family home or getting certain financial support so that everything else about our strategy helps to meet that goal. Where possible, we help you seek an amicable and mutually beneficial separation that allows you to move on with your life.

Applying for divorce

The very first step is applying for divorce. When Saracens Solicitors act as your divorce solicitor in London, it is great if we can be involved right from this point. If you are making the application, the information you provide can later be used in a court of law, so it is important that you are concise, clear and that you state the facts in a way that supports you case. Your ex-partner may be the one applying for divorce in which case we can help you respond. You can also decide to apply for divorce even if they have already done so.

When we are working as your divorce solicitor in London, we can help you decide which path is likely to lead to a successful outcome for you.

Grounds for divorce

The main reason why you are choosing to separate from your ex-partner are known legally as a ’grounds for divorce’ which has resulted in the marriage irretrievably breaking down. While there are many reasons why couples choose to get divorce, they all typically fall under the five categories offered by the government as grounds for divorce. You must choose the one that most closely matches your circumstances. You can also make a statement with additional information in your divorce application.

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