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Divorce – can you do it yourself?

Divorce Solicitor in London

Saracens Solicitors are here to help when you need legal support in your life. There are some processes that people look at and wonder if they can cut costs and complications by doing the work themselves. Divorce is one of these. However, engaging a divorce solicitor in London can support the process and make things clearer legally. Here we discuss why engaging Saracens Solicitors is often the best way to achieve what you want.

Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to go through the process of dissolving a legal partnership without using a divorce solicitor in London. The basic paperwork involved is relatively simple. You just need to pay fees and work within the set time parameters.

Is it advisable?

If you have no children, no shared assets and no financial history together, a DIY divorce might work for you. If there are any of these or any other complications, it is best to involve a divorce solicitor in London like Saracens Solicitors. This is true even if you still get on and no one plans to contest the divorce.

A divorce is not just about the process of dissolving the agreement in the eyes of the law, it’s about the division of a joint life. This needs to be done fairly with expert advice. There is often no need to take matters to court but you still want to end up with a legal agreement in case it becomes necessary at some point in the future. This applies to any jointly-held financial concerns as well as occupancy and maintenance agreements that apply to your children.

Anticipating issues

When you discuss your divorce with Saracens Solicitors, we ensure that you are aware of potential issues that you need to guard against. This isn’t to make an already difficult situation seem worse, it’s a preventive measure to ensure that all parties understand their obligations and rights. This can actually make things simpler in the long run.

Any investment you make in our services can save you time and money in the long run. Making mistakes during separation can be devastating and prevent you from getting the clean, clear break that you deserve.

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