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How codes of practice ensure a smoother divorce

Divorce Solicitor in London

When your relationship comes to an end, no matter how much you know it’s the right decision for you and your spouse, it is likely to still be a very difficult time. Having sound legal advice that creates clarity in amongst the drama, alleviates at least some of the stress of working out the practicalities of your settlement. If you are seeking divorce solicitors in London able to provide this type of advice, think about employing Saracens Solicitors.

Saracens Solicitors are part of an association of lawyers called Resolution who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law. Resolution has developed codes of practice that lawyers can refer to, guiding their practice to work effectively with both parties to bring about a peaceful resolution.

No drama here

As your divorce solicitor in London we can support you with all aspects of your divorce. Unlike many TV dramas, we do not pit you against your ex-partner. Instead we support you to dissolve your partnership making sure everything from finance and property through to child support and parental responsibly have clear agreements in place.

Many strings to a relationship that need untying

After spending years creating a co-existence, there are many aspects to the end of a relationship that will need agreements put in place. Some you maybe to agree without our help, but as your divorce solicitors in London, if it’s just getting too difficult to resolve, we can provide you with advice in most aspects of the divorce.

This could involve agreement around your children including:

  • Residence and custody issues
  • Contact/access
  • Parental responsibility.

We will work with you to bring about an amicable outcome best for all parties.

You may also need to extend legal agreements to ensure grandparents’ rights of access to grandchildren are in place.

Financial resolution can also be a daunting aspect of your divorce. As your divorce solicitor in London, we can advise you and help you apply for a number of provisions including:

  • Maintenance order
  • Lump sum order
  • Property adjustment order
  • Pension orders.

By engaging a sound legal team, you can at least ensure that whilst your experiencing difficulty, the practicalities of life are resolved as amicably as possible.

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