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Children and divorce – a guide for parents

Divorce Solicitor in London

If you are considering divorce and you have children, you are most likely worrying about the effect on them. Finding a good solicitor can help make divorce less of an ordeal for you and therefore make it easier to focus on the sensitive challenges that are related to children and divorce.

Saracens Solicitors London divorce solicitor will inform you on your legal rights and make practical suggestions to help you protect your children’s best interests. When children are involved, it can make a huge difference if both parties are on good terms and willing to co-operate with each other, and your London divorce solicitor will suggest dialogue and co-operation instead of unnecessary tension and conflict.

What is parental responsibility?

The most important legal aspects of parental responsibility include providing a safe home for your children and protecting and maintaining them. Parents should also be responsible for their children’s education, wellbeing, health and property. Both parents also have to ensure that after a divorce their children are supported financially – regardless of whom they live with.

Although you and your spouse will not be living together anymore, it is important to remember that you need to co-operate with each other as parents, since the wellbeing of your child depends on that. Discussing a parenting plan is a good idea and if you feel overwhelmed you should seek psychological support.

What does the law say?

The Children Act 1989 states clearly that the children’s protection and welfare is the most important consideration in a divorce case. Children usually end up living with one parent or with both parents. A father who was not married to the child’s mother when the child was born will not have parental responsibility automatically but can acquire visitation and contact rights in agreement with the child’s mother or by applying to a court.

Can we avoid the court altogether?

If you can agree with your spouse on contact arrangements and actions that promote the wellbeing of your child, going to court is not necessary. Mediation is the best option for maintaining stability and allowing your child to continue having a great relationship with both parents. Your London divorce solicitor will provide more information on the process.

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