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How can a divorce solicitor help you through this process?

Divorce Solicitor in London

We understand that deciding to go through with a divorce may be one of the most difficult decisions that you ever need to make and you may have a lot of doubts, anger, frustration and confusion in your life at the time.

When you consider the administrative tasks that are legally required in order to go through with a divorce so that you can get on with your life, it can simply become overwhelming. This is where your divorce solicitor in London will step in.

We are a compassionate and understanding team of professionals who have many years of experience and will use our skills to find the most peaceful resolution for you. Whether you need advice about the current law and how that will affect your personal situation or you need protection from a violent partner for you and your children, we are here to help.

With our vast experience as divorce solicitors in London due to the many different clients we have worked with, you can find appropriate support, whether you need assistance to deal with a UK based marriage or one that have taken place outside of the UK’s jurisdiction. It is important to understand that every country has its own laws and that it may not be as simple as you would like to end the marriage in question.

We have the contacts, knowledge and ability to research information from any country and have experience in helping previous clients with divorce proceedings from throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and beyond. There is no task too big for our divorce solicitors in London to tackle.

It is important to us that we take care of our clients completely, so you can rest assured knowing that your solicitor will be dedicated to your case and will provide you with the time and resources that you need to help you to alleviate anxiety and take action throughout this process.

We understand you would want this process to be over as quickly as possible and would like to begin moving on with your life. We keep you informed through every step of the process, but also allow you to take a backseat throughout some negotiations should you wish to reduce your stress and keep a level head. We work through all of the monotonous paperwork and contact you should we need any further information after we have gained a deep insight into your personal situation.

How long is it going to take?

There is no precise figure, because every case is different, but a divorce process will take around four to six months to finalise if there are no major complications that need to be dealt with through the courts or looked into by our team.

One of the most difficult points in every divorce proceeding is the separation of finances and assets. Both parties need to consider what their financial future looks like and through our experience we find that this is a very emotional and heavy topic to discuss.

We help everyone involved by adhering to a code of practice throughout proceedings that will keep us on track and professional during these times. By ensuring that discussions are non confrontational and constructive, many people find that they are better off both financially and emotionally.

You do not even have to interact with the other party if you feel this is the best way forward for you. We simply act upon your instruction whilst providing you with professional advice and support from the information we have on your situation and the knowledge we have gleaned through our years of study and previous clients. You are able to express your opinion and your feelings in a safe environment and we would consider your wishes in a professional way. We will always aim to help you to achieve your goals throughout the process.

What about my children’s needs?

When you choose us to be your advocate throughout this difficult time, we help you to put the needs of your children first. By being a part of a group called Resolution, we have the tools and education to ensure that we can provide you with a negotiation environment that is non confrontational, safe and able to prioritise the children.

By simplifying the divorce proceedings as much as possible for our clients and by taking the time during the initial consultation to fully understand the situation, we can listen to your needs and act accordingly in order to do our best to meet them. We have seen that the smoother the divorce proceedings are, the quicker the separating couple is able to move on with their lives.

Many of our clients come to us with a lot of questions regarding their children in a separation and are desperate to make sure that there is as little impact on their lives as possible. By finding a solicitor who also has the children’s best interests as a significant factor, all of the parties involved can work towards the same goal.

An amicable and mature separation will always have the least impact on a child and if it is possible, parents should aim towards this goal. It is best to not feel guilty about separating as you are both doing what you believe to be best for the family as a whole. Taking the time to talk to your child and assuring them goes a long way, as does aiming to minimise any disruptions to their daily routine throughout the separation process.

It’s important to find the best fit

You should always seek to find a solicitor that is right for you. If you feel comfortable in speaking with your lawyer then they will be able to alleviate any anxiety that you have throughout the process. It is natural to feel nervous and overwhelmed when ending a relationship especially when there is a lot to resolve.

We are here to help you through every step of the way. By taking one day at a time and focusing on what needs to be done at each step, we can break down the complicated system so that it is more easily manageable. We will take on as much of the administrative work and negotiations as you wish us to, whilst keeping you fully informed about the process.

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