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The administration aspects of your divorce

Divorce Solicitor in London

When you instruct us as your divorce solicitor in London, one of the tasks that Saracens Solicitors can help you take care of is the paperwork surrounding your divorce. There can be quite a lot to fill in and some people do find it daunting. That’s why we give you clear, jargon-free advice and guidance to help you navigate the processes involved.

Many aspects of divorce paperwork are legal agreements that may be relied upon in court, if necessary. The declarations that you make during filing can later become key elements of your case. If you involve Saracens Solicitors from the start, as your divorce solicitor in London, we can help you to construct something that will support your position.

Choosing grounds for divorce

As your divorce solicitor in London, we can help you determine the grounds for divorce. There are the set options that you have to choose from:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Desertion
  • You have lived apart for two years or more
  • You have lived apart for five years or more

The grounds that you choose may need to be supported with evidence if the other party does not agree to the divorce. We can let you know what constitutes evidence and whether you have a strong case. Your ex-partner can also choose to file for divorce on the same or different grounds.

Personal details

It is important that you supply Saracens Solicitors with as much detail as possible. We appreciate that much of this information will be personal and we do our best to be sensitive to your situation, while gathering the information that we need. Once we understand more about the case, we can advise you on what might work best for your circumstances. Information that you need to be prepared to share might include:

  • Details about your separation including dates, any other parties involved and any communication around the process
  • Disclosure of financial assets
  • Information about any children involved
  • Any pre or post-nuptial agreements.

It is important that you disclose as much as you can, even if you think it might be detrimental to the case. We are on your side and can only help if we are prepared. All that you discuss is confidential.

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