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Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

The world of commercial property is a varied one. When you think about all the different kinds of businesses there are, and the different types of spaces they need to do their work, you understand what a range of property there is to consider.

Here at Saracens Solicitors, our commercial lease solicitor in London helps clients find their new business home, no matter what shape their business takes. With 14 years’ experience, we have a great grasp on the capital’s commercial property market.

Manufacturing companies

Properties here range from huge factories and warehouses to a one-person workshop. The details of the production process will dictate what type of facility is required. Does it need a clean room, or will toxic chemicals be handled? Is noise a factor?

Administrative work

This could be for companies who are purely office-based, such as IT or insurance, or the head office of a retail or manufacturing firm. Whether you are a sole trader needing a desk a few days a week or a multinational enterprise, our commercial lease solicitor in London can find the right space for you.


This includes food outlets and shops: anyone who needs a window on the world. Where you base yourself is key, as you will want to site yourself in the best location to attract your target demographic. Our commercial lease solicitor in London can help you to find the best deal possible in your ideal spot.


If you are a residential landlord who owns apartment blocks, we can advise you on buying and renting your properties, including making clear the legal obligations of providing living space.


You may want to build a work space in your own image, and only want to purchase land. If this is the case, our commercial lease solicitor in London can make sure the land you buy is fit for the purpose you need and has the correct planning permission.

Find out more

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who has signed many commercial leases or a first-time trader exploring this undiscovered territory, get in touch. Visit our West End offices and find out how our commercial lease solicitor in London can help your business take the next step.

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