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What is the role of a commercial lease solicitor?

Commercial Lease Solicitor

From the outset of your relationship with Saracens Solicitors, we like to be clear about our role as your commercial lease solicitor in London. We want you to know where we can support you, the services we provide and what your role in the process is. This kind of clear communication is one of the reasons we work successfully with high-end clients and people in complex commercial situations.

Engaging a commercial lease solicitor in London means working with someone who can guide you through the process of a commercial lease whether you are a landlord or tenant. Every case is different but there is a standard framework we can talk to you about.

For a landlord

The first step to engage a commercial lease solicitor in London is to instruct us to act on your behalf. This includes detailing your needs and some identity checks.

We contact your tenant’s solicitors to get all the salient details that allow us to put together the lease pack and draft documentation. These will be sent to you for review. There may also be some information you need to supply about the property such as service charges, liabilities and terms of the lease. At this point, there will be some back and forth conversations between us and your tenant’s solicitors while we secure all the necessary details. Once the lease is agreed between both parties it will be sent to you and the tenant for signing.

Before the lease is completed, there will be a breakdown of financials involved including any deposit, upfront rent, legal fees and so on. After completion, Saracens Solicitors will ensure that you have all the documentation you need and that any relevant transfers have been completed.

For a tenant

Our role, if you are the tenant, follows the same pattern as above initially with instruction and identity checks. We perform any required property searches such as drainage checks or local authority searches. We send you documents for review and conduct pre-contract conversations with your landlord’s solicitor. We ensure you know about the costs you need to pay upon starting the lease so that you can prepare. Once the lease is agreed, we will send this to you for signing. Once completed, your lease contract will be sent to you and your landlord so that you both have a copy for safe keeping.

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