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Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

As a landlord, ideally you will have great tenants who look after your commercial property during the term of their tenancy. As a business owner, cash flow and maintaining the market value of your property is important to you, so when a tenant defaults on payment or lets your property fall into disrepair, it’s good to seek legal advice quickly with a commercial lease solicitor. In London, should this happen, Saracens Solicitors can provide sound legal advice with an understanding of business objectives, ensuring whatever you decide, good business sense is at the heart of how you act.

Knowing how to and when to act

If your tenant has fallen behind with payments, you may have already set in place a payment plan or a date by which any outstanding amount must be paid. If, your conditions have not been met, talking to us as your commercial lease solicitor in London, could bring you surprising results and avoid additional costs further down the line.

Most commercial tenancies are full repairing and insuring, being referred to as FRI lease. It means the tenant is responsible for returning the property in a good state of repair at the end of the tenancy. At the beginning of a tenancy, it’s good to ensure that the lease clearly states the condition you wish your building to be returned to you. Saracens can provide this service and ensure that a schedule of condition is appended to the lease. If a tenant is then in breach of a lease, we can then advise you on how to proceed so that clauses within the tenancy are completed before the sitting tenant vacates.

If you need to enter a property before the end of tenancy due to breach of contract, we can provide you with legal advice, allowing you access as a peaceful entry, without the need of a court order. By doing so, you avoid as much of the difficult, confusing and often unsatisfactory ends to tenancy. With proficient legal advice, breaches of tenancy or early repossession of your property can be managed by you successfully, as your commercial lease solicitor in London, we can provide you the knowledge you need to fully implement your legal rights.

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