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Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

If you already have an established business, what are the steps you can take to grow and expand? You might decide to invest in training or a strong online presence. However, one of the most exciting ways you can grow your business is to get yourself new premises. Whether you want to scale up or relocate to a prime location, as a commercial lease solicitor in London, we at Saracens Solicitors can help you get the deal you want.

Right from the start

Get us involved as early as possible. We have the experience and, potentially, the contacts to help you figure out where you want to go. We can talk you through the implications of various moves and help you anticipate budget, timescales and the amount of work involved. Careful planning and our input as your commercial lease solicitor in London will help your expansion proceed according to plan.

Bigger or better?

Expansive offices on the edge of town won’t do you any good if you need footfall. Similarly, a tiny new place in the centre of the city won’t help if customer volume is important for your business. You want the right size, the right location and all the features you want, without blowing the budget. At Saracens Solicitors, we can help you find the balance between all of your business needs. There is a compromise out there that will set your project on the perfect trajectory and we’re here to help you find it and maximise the potential.

It’s in the details

Each choice you make comes with a whole load of details. Building or change of use requires planning permission. Compliance with local regulation may be required. Different projects mean changes to your business rates. These are just some of the main ones. We want to make sure you’re covered on all fronts when you start your new venture. You can make informed choices based on our expertise and jargon-free explanations. When all the paperwork comes in, we’re here to help when we act as your commercial lease solicitor in London. What you will end up with is a solid, exciting expansion that offers you every chance of success.

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