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Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson. One thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is passion. They are all deeply passionate about what they do and the service they provide.

Another key entrepreneurial trait is surrounding themselves with the right people. Because while they are engaged with the product, service or business they deliver, they probably aren’t an expert in the technical aspects of running a successful company.

Take commercial property for example. Commercial leases are notoriously complex and detailed. While the entrepreneur is no doubt a driven and highly focused individual, picking their way through a mountain of legalese is unlikely to be their forte. And at the other end of the scale, for those one-person start-ups, who are also working a full-time job as they get themselves off the ground, bending their mind round a property contract after a full day at work might just stretch them to breaking point.

This is where a commercial lease solicitor in London comes in. Whatever the size of your company, here at Saracens Solicitors we can do the legal heavy lifting for you.

Our commercial lease solicitor in London can help you to negotiate a lease whatever your circumstances. Whether it’s because:

  • you are expanding into a new or second site because your company is growing
  • you need your first shop, workshop or office to get your young business off the ground
  • your lease is due for renewal and you need to negotiate terms.

We’ve been advising businesses in the capital for 14 years, so we have a great grasp on how London’s commercial property market works. We know the landlords, we know how to negotiate with them, and we know what clauses to put in to protect the interests of your firm for years to come.

And we won’t baffle you with legal jargon: our commercial lease solicitor in London is friendly, professional and offers clear advice, written in plain language.

Don’t give yourself the headache of trying to do it all yourself: ask our commercial lease solicitor in London to lend you a hand. A successful entrepreneur knows how to delegate, and this is one job you can hand over.

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