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Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

Why do people consult solicitors? For most of us, it’s to help us through a big life event: a house move, divorce or death of a loved one. If you are also an entrepreneur, having a trusted solicitor you can call on is crucial for your business success.

Take renting new business premises: negotiating a commercial lease can be a lengthy and complex process. If you are a small or new company, it may be something you have little or no experience of. At Saracens Solicitors, we’ve been a commercial lease solicitor in London for over a decade and many business owners put their trust in us when it comes to signing a lease.

You may have an upfront and honest landlord who offers you a fair deal from the outset. Or, you may be dealing with someone who tries to put an undue burden of the upkeep of the building on your shoulders or hides maintenance problems. Our commercial lease solicitor in London can spot any concerns or unfair clauses and if necessary, add in extra clauses to protect your interests.

There are some things you need to take into consideration before you start looking for a new place to work from:

  • is renting the best option for you? Would buying work out better for your business?
  • can you leave yourself room to expand or is that not necessary for your enterprise?
  • what’s the most you can afford to pay each month?
  • are you looking for a single use building (a workshop space for example) or mixed use (shop and office)?
  • do you have an ideal location in mind?

Once you have found a place you want to rent, that’s the time to give our commercial lease solicitor in London a call. We carry out property searches to make sure there is nothing in the local environment that will affect it and also check the condition of the building via your surveyors reports..

Once we have the results back, our commercial lease solicitor in London will negotiate with your landlord or their representative on your behalf. Once we have an agreed lease, we’ll send it to you to sign, making sure you are fully aware of your legal and financial obligations to your landlord.

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