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Commercial Lease Solicitor London

There comes a time in the life of your business when you feel that it is time to expand. This is an exciting time for your business as it confirms the success you have had so far.

One of the first steps for many types of business is to find physical room for the expansion and buy a new property.

Whether you are looking at purchasing a shop front in a different area, extra warehouse space or stylish new offices in the city, a commercial lease solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, can help.

Finding a property

The earlier you involve us in the process of purchasing your commercial property, the more help we can be. Early consultation can help to pick up on and avoid potential issues and give you an advantage when negotiating the terms of your purchase. Certain caveats can be built into the purchase as well, such as making good any issues picked up by a survey.

If you are choosing between a number of properties, legal advice from a commercial lease solicitor in London can help you make the final and most favourable decision.

Seamless integration

You want your new property to fit seamlessly into the business you already have. This might involve re-working of company agreements, adjustments to insurance policies or new employment terms for workers who are moving sites. Whatever the circumstances, we can help you create a harmonious marriage between the present circumstances of your business and the future.

A consultation with a commercial lease solicitor in London at Saracens Solicitors, helps you assess all that needs to happen and anticipate potential issues before they appear.


If you are leasing a property, your rights as a tenant are important and need to be codified from the outset. Fully understanding the terms of your lease can be complex. We can help you unravel the legal language to ensure you will be well served by them. We have worked with many high-end clients to shape the future of their business growth and maximise the potential of their vision in a way that is fair and secure.

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