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Commercial Lease Solicitor London

Starting your own business – how Saracens Solicitors can help

Commercial Lease Solicitor LondonStarting your own business is an exciting time. Going from the first seeds of an idea to the realisation of your dream can take a lot of work. One of the steps you may need to take is leasing a commercial property to house your business.

When you engage Saracens Solicitors as your commercial lease solicitor in London, we support you and ensure that the effort you put in produces significant results.

Choosing your premises

There are many different types of commercial property that we can help you to acquire when you choose Saracens Solicitors as your commercial lease solicitor in London. They often fall under the five categories detailed below, unless regarded as miscellaneous, which covers everything else.

Office buildings are used to house the headquarters of your company or a segment of your staff. They can be any size, from a couple of rooms to a whole block. We have experience covering the whole spectrum and can help you with the legal aspects of leasing and running a business within your property.

Industrial property includes warehouses and factories amongst other types. Consider the size of the property carefully when negotiating the terms as this can affect the details you need to attend to.

Retail or restaurant property is self-explanatory but there are still plenty of nuances to investigate. The location of your outlet can dictate what you can do there, how you can promote your business and the kind of rents and fees you will need to pay. We can help you explore the terms and negotiate specifics.

If you plan to lease large apartment blocks or those that house more than four families, these are called multifamily commercial properties. We will help you understand the responsibility involved so you can be sure you are entering into a desirable situation and can easily meet your commitments.

Land is another common commercial interest that comes with a complex set of governing laws depending on the location and permissions that come with it. If you purchase land without legal advice, you may find yourself unable to carry out your plans.

When you engage Saracens Solicitors as your commercial lease solicitor in London, we help you get the results you want, whatever the property type.

Mr Kervin Labrosse Communication Specialists Ltd

I found Saracens possessed excellent technical expertise and a high level of understanding. Their commercial team completed my work and protected my company’s interests and proved to be the best choice for my company. Continue Reading

March 8, 2016

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