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    Keeping The Environment Clean and Green/Blue – The Environmental Laws To Consider When Purchasing A Yacht

    Keeping The Environment Clean and Green Blue – The Environmental Laws To Consider When Purchasing A Yacht If you are in the market for a yacht and are prepared to pay the price normally required to purchase one (we all know they don’t come cheap), you want to be 100% satisfied that it meets all the necessary environmental regulations. This is because the last thing you need is to find yourself on the wrong side of the MCA, or in breach of MARPOL, COLREGS or SOLAS (the maritime world is full of acronyms and the meaning of these will be explained as we go along). In today’s environment conscious world, […]

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    Super-Size Yacht, Super-Size Headaches Super Yacht

    Tips to ensure your luxury super yacht doesn’t sink your dreams When it comes to super yachts, size really does matter.  The world’s largest yacht, according to Boat International is the Azzam.  At 180.00m, the yacht’s interior is said to be fully furnished in a relaxed French Empire style and can reach a speed of 31.5+ knots. Despite the shaky state of the emerging markets and economic uncertainty permeating the UK, EU and America thanks to the Brexit and US election debacle, the market for superyachts is as strong as ever.  According to a recent article in the Financial Times, in 2015, just over €3 billion was spent on new […]

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    Introductory Guide to Shareholders’ Agreements

    What is a Shareholders’ Agreement? We often have clients who tell us that they have started a new business and have been advised by friends / colleagues to enter into a shareholders’ agreement. We are frequently asked why a shareholders’ agreement is needed and the matters covered by the agreement. To put it simply, a shareholders’ agreement is a private contract that can be entered into by some or all of the shareholders of a company to regulate the affairs between them. It gives rise to contractual obligations between the parties and the usual contractual remedies are available in the event of breach. The structure and provisions within a shareholders’ […]

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