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    “All of those cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head.” Peter Gabriel, Mercy Street

    There is a great thrill and pleasure in knowing that only a few thousand of your particular model, crafted by a group of highly-skilled experts, have ever been made.

    Cars lovers will appreciate not just the appearance and personality of classic cars but also the nitty gritty aspects of their craftsmanship and maintenance. While not as complex as buying a jet or helicopter, buyers and sellers will understand that these transactions require careful consideration of both legal and business elements. Saracens have experience and knowledge of the luxury car marketplace that, along with our technical expertise, positions us as the firm of choice for clients seeking to deal in these assets.

    Self-professed car enthusiasts, Saracens provides services to help purchasers control the cost of ownership as well as have comfort that they can drive their vehicles without concerns about its condition.

    For buyers, Saracens can assist with the following:

    – Vehicle due diligence that includes:

    – Researching vehicle history and provenance

    – Inspecting vehicle inventories

    – Liaising with specialists and arranging inspection for certification of vehicles

    – Assessing vehicle condition and maintenance

    – Negotiating purchase contracts tailored to each specific client and vehicle to ensure that all relevant considerations are addressed

    – Advising you on any relevant taxes or exemptions

    – Importation and / or exportation licences

    For sellers, Saracens’ services include:

    – Liaising with the appropriate specialists to arrange secure storage and transportation of your vehicle

    – Arranging the entry or display of vehicles at auction houses, promotional events and prestigious meetings

    – Negotiating the sale contract to ensure that the seller is able to realise their fair asset value

    – Advising you in respect of the tax implications of the sale

    To talk to us about selling or purchasing a luxury or classic car, phone our London office on +44 (0) 20 3588 3500 to talk directly to one of our lawyers. Alternatively, you can request a call back and we will be in touch at a time convenient to you.

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