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Trademark and Patent Issues

If your company has developed a new product, a novel innovation or simply seeks to protect its logo from being replicated, you will need to consider protecting the intellectual property. We can advise on issues that may occur regarding trademarks, patents and copyright problems or disputes.

Trade marks are names, phrases, signs or logos unique to a company and they are commonly used to distinguish your goods and services from those of others. You can register to protect words, logos or a combination of both. A trade mark can only be protected if it is distinctive and differentiates your goods or services from those of others. If it is registered, an owner of a trade mark has exclusive rights to use it.

A patent protects new inventions and can be used to protect how something works, what it does, the processes used, its component parts and how they are made. A patent gives the owner the right to prevent others from making, using, importing or selling the invention without the owners’ permission. In order to obtain a patent, the invention must meet specific requirements and must generally be a novel invention capable of being made or used in an industry.

If your intellectual property rights are violated by another company or an individual, you are entitled to bring proceedings and claim damages for losses suffered.

We regularly advise clients who are seeking to protect and register their intellectual property rights as well as clients whose intellectual property rights have been infringed upon. Our expertise covers all areas of intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, design rights and passing off.

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March 8, 2016

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