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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

The relationship between landlord and tenant is one that can cause immense stress and strain if it turns sour.  The last thing any business person renting premises wants is their precious time taken up due to a dispute with their landlord.  Likewise, most commercial landlords simply desire long-term, reliable tenants who are respectful of their property and pay their rent on time.  However, if your landlord and tenant relationship is somewhat strained or completely broken down, Saracens Solicitors can assist you in protecting your interests and resolving the dispute.

Reasons for Commercial Landlord and Tenant Disputes

The most common reason for a commercial landlord and tenant relationship dispute include:

Rent Arrears

If your tenant is unable or unwilling to pay rent then we will advise you on how to manage the collection of the debt and send correspondence on your behalf.

Break Clauses

A break clause is a section in the lease agreement that allows either the landlord or tenant to exit the lease before the official end date.  With the recent recession and the difficulty in re-leasing commercial properties, there has been an increase in litigation surrounding break clauses.  If you are a landlord whose tenant is trying to exercise a break clause without meeting specified conditions in the lease agreement (such as performance of all the tenant’s covenants) then we can assist you with mediation and if needs be, litigation, to ensure your tenant meets all their obligations and does not leave you out of pocket.  We can also assist tenants who are confused about the requirements to exercise a break clause in their contract.


Dilapidation is a term used to describe the re-decoration and disrepair that occurs within a commercial property.  A dilapidation clause allows the landlord to require a tenant to repair dilapidation throughout the term of their lease.

Our commercial solicitors can help advise and draft a Schedule of Dilapidation for the lease agreement and settle any disputes that occur between the landlord and tenant as a result of a breach of repair covenant.


Our solicitors can ensure that there is a detailed clause relating to subletting within the lease agreement, which helps to avoid the likelihood of a dispute arsing.  If a tenant illegally sublets all or part of the premises, then we can assist you with obtaining an injunction to have those who are illegally subletting removed, and then recovering compensation if appropriate.

If you are a tenant or landlord and are involved in a commercial property dispute then fill in the call back form to the right hand side of this page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.  Our experienced commercial, litigation and mediation solicitors can assist you in resolving your dispute and moving on with your business.

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March 8, 2016

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