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Personal insolvency

If you are struggling with a personal loan and have defaulted (or are about to default) on payments we may be able to assist.

There are now a number of options available to individuals in such circumstances. You may find an individual voluntary arrangement (‘IVA’) advantageous as it will enable you to pay creditors a newly agreed proportion of what you owe over a number of years. The advantage of an IVA is that it usually provides certainty and helps to protect you from any aggressive attacks by creditors chasing money.

Our team at Saracens are able to advise you on the available options depending on your personal circumstances. We can advise on bankruptcy restriction orders, IVAs and will endeavour to help your family retain any family wealth which genuinely belongs to them.

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Mr Kervin Labrosse Communication Specialists Ltd

I found Saracens possessed excellent technical expertise and a high level of understanding. Their commercial team completed my work and protected my company’s interests and proved to be the best choice for my company. Continue Reading

March 8, 2016

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