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How Safe Is Your Takeaway?

When you tucked into your sandwich at lunchtime, did you think it could cause you harm?  I didn’t think so.  Neither did Natasha Ednan-Laperouse and Celia Marsh.  However, both women, who suffered from severe allergies, tragically died from eating meals from […]

Muddying the waters: Brexit and immigration

Immigration Solicitor in London

No one ever said immigration law was simple. In almost every country, the law changes constantly in response to conditions within the country and also in response to relationships with other countries around the globe. The UK is one of […]

Buying or selling a house in London?

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Life’s uncertain enough in the UK right now, what with the increasing possibility of a no-deal Brexit, no one is sure about anything right now. Of course, it’s having a knock-on effect in all sorts of areas of life, including […]

Changes to the Immigration Rules: Entrepreneur Visas and Investor Visas

Last week, the Home Office announced big changes to the Immigration Rules. Is it a coincidence that these changes will come into force on the dreaded date of 29 March 2019 (Brexit anyone)? The most significant changes relate to the […]

How long will your commercial lease last?

Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

Commercial leases generally last longer than residential leases. If this is your first time renting a business property, signing up for a long-term lease can seem a little daunting at first. There are advantages to having a long lease to […]

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