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All’s Fair In Love And……Divorce

penguin homewrecker

Twitter is in a flap over the so-called homewrecker penguin video.  It shows a male penguin coming home to find he is not only being cuckolded by his wife, but despite engaging in a bloody battle that dispels any warm […]

Five Ways To Disaster Proof Your New-Build Home Purchase

Garden Home

Many people dream of purchasing a sparkling new-build home, free from any trace of the lives of previous occupants.  Buying a new-build means that nothing has been touched by anyone except builders and it can be designed and finished to […]

Help To Buy Scheme To End

Will it negatively affect those with small deposits? A key element of former Prime Minister, David Cameron’s flagship housing policy, the Help to Buy scheme, is to be discontinued at the end of the year.  In a letter to the […]

To Rent or To Buy – That is the Question

Speaking at the RESI conference earlier this month, Housing Minister Gavin Barwell indicated that Theresa May’s government may no longer focus on supporting home ownership.  In his speech, Mr Barwell stated, “We need to build more homes of every single […]

A Floody Mess – Protecting Your Property From Flooding

Bench Flood

Flood damage is messy and devastating.  It leaves family memories and treasured possessions sodden and ruined.  The worst thing to say to a person affected by a natural disaster is; “it’s only stuff”.  Maybe so, but it’s my stuff, my […]

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