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All you need to know about the conveyancing process

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Conveyancing is a legal term that refers to the transfer of the ownership of a property from the person selling it to the person buying it. The process commences when your offer on a house is accepted, and when it is completed, you can move into the house. Conveyancing is pretty straightforward, but understanding its basic premise will help you go through the procedure more easily.

Our mortgage solicitor in London will act as your legal representative throughout the procedure. At Saracens Solicitors, we have extensive experience in conveyancing and your mortgage solicitor in London will ensure that you will get the best deal possible.

Buying a property through the conveyancing process

If you are interested in buying a property, your mortgage solicitor in London will help you with the legal papers required and will act on your behalf at different stages throughout the process. Here are the basic steps you should know about:

  • The offer made by the buyer is accepted by the seller;
  • The conveyancer of the buyer is informed on the acceptance of the offer
  • A survey of the property is arranged;
  • If required, this is the time to apply for a mortgage;
  • The contract is prepared;
  • Any pre-contract enquiries or disagreements should be addressed at this stage;
  • When the contract is agreed and the buyer is happy to continue with the sale, the deposit must be paid;
  • Buyer and seller agree on a ‘completion’ date and the contracts are finalised;
  • The buyer’s conveyancer prepares a draft of the transfer deed and other paperwork and sends them to the conveyancer of the seller;
  • Transfer deed is approved and a final copy is created;
  • The buyer’s conveyancer prepares a completion statement;
  • On completion of the sale, the conveyancer of the seller arranges for the release of the keys of the property to the buyer;
  • The conveyancer of the buyer registers the property at the Land Registry, after ensuring that the seller has repaid any outstanding mortgage related to the property.

Buying a property can take some time, but with the help of our mortgage solicitor in London, you will go through the procedure effortlessly.

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