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Top Tips For Franchising Your Business

2016 kicked off with McDonalds making the headlines again. For once, they were not related to the alleged harm the company causes to our waistlines and the environment.  Instead, the multi-billion pound franchise has been accused of abusing its monopoly […]

How To Set Up A Franchise In The UK

How To Set Up A Franchise In The UK

Think of some of the most successful organisations: ‘Subway’, ‘Driver Hire’, ‘Barking Mad’, ‘Greensleeves’. What do they all have in common? That’s right – they are all franchises! And once upon a time, they were all start-ups, fighting to compete […]

Super-Size Yacht, Super-Size Headaches

Super Yacht

Tips to ensure your luxury super yacht doesn’t sink your dreams When it comes to super yachts, size really does matter.  The world’s largest yacht, according to Boat International is the Azzam.  At 180.00m, the yacht’s interior is said to […]

A solicitor knows that it all begins with a good foundation

Solicitor in London

A professional and well thought out employment contract is the foundation of a successful and positive relationship between any employer and their employees. It is absolutely critical that you ensure that you have the right documentation from the get go […]

Why you should choose us as your London solicitor

Solicitor in London

Not only do we have an outstanding professional reputation throughout the sector, we are also a results driven team who work personally with our clients, getting to know and understand them. We become personally involved in each case, further firing […]

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