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Have you decided to get divorced?

Divorce Solicitor in London

If so, then you are already in the midst of a long process that can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Just getting to the point of deciding to end a marriage is taxing, even if the decision is mutual and […]

Mediation – what does it mean and do you need to do it?

Divorce Solicitor in London

Saracens Solicitors are a member of Resolution. This means that we are committed to conflict-free separation wherever possible when we are acting as your divorce solicitor in London. This organisation recognises that straightforward and amicable divorce proceedings are better for […]

The two main divorce issues

Divorce Solicitor in London

A divorce is a legal process that has deep-rooted personal implications. As everyone has unique circumstances, this means that it has to have the flexibility to fit lots of different situations whilst also being rigid enough to provide a secure […]

The divorce process made simple

Divorce Solicitor in London

Deciding to get divorced is rarely a simple process. It is usually the end of an emotionally fraught and difficult time for everyone involved. At the end of all this, it is really helpful to have a divorce solicitor in […]

Helping you make divorce as painless as possible

Divorce Solicitor in London

Divorce can be complex. Depending on the life situation of the spouses, it may include childcare arrangements, division of assets and financial settlement agreements that consider the input of both partners into the marriage and inherited wealth. There is no […]

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