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What is asylum and how can we help?

Immigration Solicitor in London

Seeking asylum is a sensitive process. You may be fleeing from traumatic circumstances within your country of origin, be afraid for loved ones or fear for your own chances of being sent back. At Saracens Solicitors, an immigration solicitor in London, we understand the difficulty of asylum cases and can assist you with the legal side of the process to reduce the amount of stress and, hopefully, give you back some degree of certainty about what will happen next.

What does applying for asylum mean?

An asylum seeker is a person who wants to remain in the UK because they fear persecution in their own country. This might be on the basis of race, religion, membership of a social group, political beliefs, sexuality or gender.

How do you apply for asylum?

The first stage is to register your asylum claim by going through a screening with an immigration official. You may have a London immigration solicitor, like Saracens Solicitors, present at the screening, if you wish.

You can apply at the UK border or, if you are already in the UK, by making an appointment. If you do not have anywhere to live, you do not need to make an appointment – just visit the office during working hours and complete your claim. They will also offer you advice on housing and financial assistance while your claim is being considered.

After your screening you will either be given the appropriate documentation or your will be detained. You are given either an application registration card (ARC) or standard acknowledgment letter (SAL). A SAL needs to be exchanged for an ARC within 2 months. Both pieces of paperwork allow you to pick up asylum support from the post office so you have funds to live on while you wait for a decision.

If you are detained, you will be sent to an immigration removal centre to await a decision on your case. You will wait there until you are either released because your application has been accepted or removed from the country either because your application has failed or you are eligible to apply for asylum in another country. You are entitled to help during this process from a firm like Saracens Solicitors who are an immigration solicitor in London.

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