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Investing in a property portfolio – how Saracens Solicitors can help

Mortgage Solicitor London

More millionaires attain their wealth through property than any other investment. Investing in a commercial property portfolio has the potential to give you a great return, security and an income. At Saracens Solicitors, we understand the pros and cons of […]

Left Out In The Cold – How To Obtain A Freezing Order

Freezing order

Left Out In The Cold – How To Obtain A Freezing Order Prior to her marriage ending, Sylvia* had never heard of a freezing order, let alone a section 37 injunction application.  Happily married, living in a beautiful home in […]

Snow, Ski, Sprain


Snow, Ski, Sprain Ski season- for most people, January, February, March and early April find there is nothing some exciting adventure and the one thing that many of us look forward to is to ski! Sun, snow and speed; and […]

Everything You Need To Know About EU Permanent Residence Card Applications

eea permanent residence card

Everything You Need To Know About EEA Permanent Residence Card Applications EEA permanent residence card. On 29 March 2017, British Prime Minister, Theresa May triggered Article 50, officially notifying the  European Council  of the UK’s intent to leave the European Union. […]

All About Resolution Family Law

resolution family law

All About Resolution- Family Law An Interview With Our Family Solicitor, Farzana Naz We discuss today Resolution family law. Is it possible to have a good divorce?  We think so.  Harsh, needlessly aggressive divorce negotiations make for good TV drama, […]

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