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Types of divorce – defended and undefended

Types of Divorce

It may be possible to predict, from the outset, roughly what your divorce will look like. In the best circumstances, both parties are able to agree and things can proceed fairly smoothly. Sometimes this is not the case and there […]

Latest news for EU citizens in the UK

Immigration Solicitor in London

With the onset of Brexit, the future has been uncertain for many EU nationals who already live and work in the UK. While all the details are far from settled, there have been some developments that can offer peace of […]

Option Agreements And Overage Provisions, The Importance Of Accurate Drafting

Option Agreements And Overage Provisions, The Importance Of Accurate Drafting - Saracens Solicitors

Mr Sparks is a forward-thinking clever man. I make this presumption on the fact that over several years he purchased land, ripe for development, parcel by parcel, for the purposes of funding his retirement. By 2000, Mr Sparks had acquired […]

Your property purchase timeline

Property Purchase Timeline

When you work with Saracens Solicitors, we help your property sale to move through swiftly and efficiently and we keep you informed at every stage. The length of time that a property purchase takes depends on many factors and can […]

Common commercial lease costs

Commercial Lease Cost in London

It’s good to be prepared when you are starting a new business or adding a new venture to your existing portfolio. Assessing costs is part of good preparation. Some costs are fixed while others are harder to predict. Working with […]

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