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Snow, Ski, Sprain


Snow, Ski, Sprain Ski season- for most people, January, February, March and early April find there is nothing some exciting adventure and the one thing that many of us look forward to is to ski! Sun, snow and speed; and […]

Protecting Yourself From Britain’s ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance

CCTV Privacy

Once again whilst we were looking the other way, our freedoms were challenged and attacked in a most brutish way – You can blame the twin phenomena of Brexit and Donald Trump, used as distractions for Theresa May to rush […]

In the Name of the Father – What are your Rights Regarding Paternity Fraud?

 In the Name of the Father What you can do if your child turns out not to be yours –  Paternity Fraud According to the latest research, in the UK at least one in every 50 men is busy raising […]

United Kingdom of Big Brother? | Data Protection and Privacy

Litigation blog discussing Data protection and privacy

United Kingdom of Big Brother? | Data Protection and Privacy This week, our litigation department focuses on personal data and private information in light of the whistleblower Edward Snowden’s allegations of private information being handed over from large corporations to […]

What is PPI?


Without knowing it, you may well have thrown away hundreds or even thousands of pounds on something that you never needed. This is the phenomenon that has resulting in claims where people have spent money on something called PPI. So…What […]

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