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Buying a property – the first few steps

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Getting on the property ladder is something that many people dream of. When the moment finally arrives and you think that you can do so, Saracens Solicitors look forward to helping you make that dream a reality.

Saracens Solicitors take on the conveyancing process, which involves a series of administrative, legal and financial steps. We ensure you are clear about what needs to be done at each stage when we act as your mortgage solicitor in London. This leaves you free to enjoy the excitement of buying your home.

Find a house

Even though Saracens Solicitors is not normally involved in this stage of the process, you can contact us to make enquiries about what might be involved in any unusual property sales. We are happy to tell you how we can be of assistance and provide you with guidance about the processes and fees that are likely when we act as you mortgage solicitor in London.

The house-hunting stage can take some time. Saracens Solicitors wish you luck and patience for this and hope to work with you soon.

Make an offer

Most people make an offer on a property that they like. Most sellers are expecting this and so the house is priced at slightly higher than they expect to get. Occasionally, we hear of properties where there has been such a high demand for the house, or for houses in the area, that offers are made that exceed the guide price. Once you have made an offer and it has been accepted, this is when you can contact Saracens Solicitors and engage us as you mortgage solicitor in London.

Book a survey

Saracens Solicitors will begin performing the land searches and preparing other paperwork for you. You need to consider whether you will book a survey at this point. There are different levels of survey. As they go up in price, they become progressively more detailed. Your mortgage company will have the house valued but this will not tell you anything about the structure or condition of the property. It is advisable to consider some sort of survey on top of this to protect your investment in the property.

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