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Three golden rules of divorce

Divorce Solicitor in London

At Saracens Solicitors, we deal with complex legal issues on a daily basis. Despite that, we like to keep things simple for our clients. That’s because we know they usually have enough to deal with facing the practicalities of their actions without getting too tangled up in the necessary legal procedures that sometimes surround them.

Separations are a good example of this. When a couple splits, we know they can have a lot of personal difficulty to deal with which is why, when we are acting as a divorce solicitor in London, we ensure that people are supported as much as possible with our efficient and practical communication.

We can make a start here by offering you three golden rules when it comes to divorce. If you feel that this kind of no-nonsense approach resonates with you then we look forward to acting as your divorce solicitor in London.

Children first

Deep down, we believe that everyone wants to put their children’s needs high on the list of priorities but it can be difficult to sort out exactly what they are and how they balance with the other inevitable considerations. Is it important that they see the other parent more or less? Is it more important that finances get sorted out so that you can look after them? At Saracens Solicitors, we help you figure out the answers to tricky questions like these in order to put your children first – whatever that looks like.

Disclose everything

It can be tempting to hold back details about your finances or assets, especially if you feel that your ex-partner is not entitled to any part of them. It is a much better idea to disclose all of your details to us when we are acting as your divorce solicitors in London. If any deception is discovered in the event that the case has to go to court, this can cause the judge to look less favourably on your case as a whole.

Meditation before court

Except in unusual circumstances, you must go through a mediation process to try and resolve any disputes before you can go to court. We can help you with this at Saracens Solicitors.

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