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Should Tackling Be Banned In School Rugby?

Should Tackling Be Banned In School Rugby?

Rugby is a sport that breeds staunch men and women[1].  Pain is part of the game and young players are encouraged to ‘toughen up’ if they want any chance of playing professionally, or even semi-professionally. However, more and more health […]

The ‘Beast From The East’? It’s Snow Joke!

The first few days of spring delivered some of the coldest weather Britain has experienced since the deep freeze of 2010.  Combined with Storm Emma, the ‘Beast from the East’ as it was known resulted in many deaths and injuries […]

Claiming Compensation After A Car Accident

On Boxing Day 2017, former Home and Away actress, Jessica Falkholt was travelling back from Christmas celebrations on a New South Wales south coast road with her parents and sister.  At around 10.45 am, a Toyota Prado, driven by Craig […]

Living With An Amputation

Anyone who has had a limb or extremity amputated will tell you how much they miss being able to do simple tasks quickly, easily and free from pain. Amputations following an injury can happen to anyone, and the results can […]

Claiming for Psychiatric Injury Following A Stillbirth

It is impossible for me to explain the trauma suffered by a parent who has experienced a stillbirth.  Not only do the parents have to come to terms with the fact their baby has died, but the mother must also […]

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