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All you need to know about the conveyancing process

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Conveyancing is a legal term that refers to the transfer of the ownership of a property from the person selling it to the person buying it. The process commences when your offer on a house is accepted, and when it […]

Different types of commercial leases

Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

If you are trying to grow your business, taking on a commercial lease is a basic step towards this direction. But if you make a wrong decision or do not review the clauses of your lease carefully, you may end […]

Buying a house in the UK

Mortgage Solicitor in London

If you are looking to settle down after many years of living on rent, investing in a house is a great idea. Depending on the area you want to live in, selling costs can vary considerably. Buying a house will […]

Getting out of a commercial lease early

Commercial Lease Solicitor in London

If your business is expanding and you are in need of a bigger space to accommodate your growing clientele, maybe it is time to consider getting out of your commercial lease early. Our commercial lease solicitor in London will guide […]

How to transfer a house into sole ownership

Mortgage Solicitor in London

The process of transferring a house from joint to sole ownership usually occurs after a separation or divorce, but it can also apply to family members who do not wish to be co-owners of the same house. Whatever the reason […]

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